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11 Life Hacks You Can Do Using This Common Household Item Found In Every Kitchen

We all know that kitchen without aluminum foil is no kitchen at all. The thin, shiny, and very noisy sheet helps us do everything from baking delicious chicken and salmon to storing leftovers safely. 

But did you know that the versatile household item can actually be used in areas other than the kitchen to make your life a whole lot easier? Read on to learn 11 insane hacks you can do with nothing but a sheet of aluminum foil! 

1- Transform AA batteries into AAA batteries with this trick 

Image Credit - Youtube

Rather than having to brave the outside world to make a dash for some AAA batteries, just use a wrinkled up piece of aluminum foil on the positive side of your AA batteries thick enough to help it touch the edge of the battery space in your device. 

Works like a charm! 

2- Better yet, use it instead of a battery! 

Image Credit - Youtube

If you're missing a battery in your remote control or fairy lights, simply roll up a sheet of aluminum foil into the size of the AA battery you're replacing and slide it into the allotted space.

It will keep your device running a little longer until you get the opportunity to make a trip to the grocery store!

3- Never wash a plate again 

Too lazy to wash your plates? Or maybe you're stuck in a dorm room and don't have a sink handy. Whichever your reason is, all you have to do to avoid washing your plate is simply wrapping it in aluminum foil before you serve your food in it. 

Then when you're done eating, all you have to do is wrap up the crumbs in the foil and toss it in the garbage. Easy!

4- Get rid of the static electricity in your shirts and pants

Static occurs often in wool jumpers or rough-surfaced articles of clothing after being in the dryer, and can be an absolute pain to deal with! 

From clothes clinging to your body, to transferring static to your hair, and even leading to electric shock whenever you shake hands with anyone is definitely not ideal. 

To get rid of static, just roll up a 3-foot-long sheet of aluminum foil and toss it into the dryer with the rest of your clothes. Yes, that's really it! Enjoy your static free clothes.

5- Make your silverware shine again

Image Credit - Youtube

Using an aluminum foil plate, fill it up halfway with boiling water, baking soda, and salt, then insert your dimmed silverware into the liquid mixture. 

Leave it in there for 15-30 minutes, then carefully take it out and wipe it clean. They'll shine so hard, you may even see your own reflection in there! 

6- Get your wifi signal to reach every corner of your house 

Image Credit - Youtube

Remember those satellite dishes we saw on the roof of every house? Well, you can use the same design around your router's antenna to direct the signal in the right direction and boost it to further spots in your house. 

Simply use a foil plate, or a wide piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil and place it behind the antenna of your router. 

7- Never burn your food again

Image Credit - Youtube

Similarly to the idea of never having to wash your plate again, all you have to do is cover the surface of your pan in aluminum foil before you fry your bacon and eggs.

It will also lead to you using less oil to make the food not stick. It's a double win! 

8- Get rid of the nasty rust 

Image Credit - Youtube

Got a rusty wrench, grill, or even air duct? 

All you have to do to get rid of the nasty rust is roll up a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and use it to rub the rust away. You'll have shiny metal in a matter of minutes! 

9- Make your own smartphone stylus

Image Credit - Youtube

For some strange reason, touch screens actually react to aluminum the way they do to your fingerprint.

If you're tired of typing the wrong letters with your own unprecise fingers, just wrap a small piece of aluminum around the tip of a regular pencil and use it as a stylus instead. 

You'll save a ton of money on an actual store-bought stylus.

10- Use it as a makeshift tunnel to transfer liquids

Image Credit - Youtube

Transferring drinks from one narrow-mouthed bottle to another can make a big old mess. 

Simply double up a long sheet of aluminum foil to make it sturdier, then roll it into a tunnel-shaped cone with 2 openings (one wider than the other. Insert the smaller opening into the receiving bottle, and use the larger opening to pour in your drink of choice.

11- Move your furniture without scratching your floors 

Image Credit - Youtube

Scratching your floors, especially wooden ones, is an experience that happens far too often.

 If you're moving house, or simply doing a bit of redecorating and need to move furniture around, just lift the chairs, sofas, or tables up high enough to slip a sheet of aluminum foil under their legs. 

This will help you drag and push your furniture around to your heart's content without ever making any damage to your floor!