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11 Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Contemporary decor is a style which is inspired by innovation: there are no strict guidelines, only a sense of sleek, bold style which does not conform to traditional decor. Clutter is reduced to make rooms into an open space, and rooms emulate a light and airy feel by using natural light effectively. Check out these 11 amazing design ideas to get inspired...

A beige ceiling and wall is interspersed with sleek white panels which contrast a rich, deep mahogany wooden floor. The natural, airy feel of this living room is enhanced by greenery and uninhibited windows, whilst the rich textures and soft, warm tones of the furniture enhance the calming appeal of the room.

Black and white create a bold foundation for this bedroom, which is complemented by sleek shades of slate grey. A bold black window frame draws the eye to the light, enhancing the effect of natural lighting, whilst vivid, abstract wall art and minimalistic furnishings create clean lines in this contemporary space.

High-stretching, unveiled windows adorned delicately with light voiles allow the natural light to flood into the room, which ricochets off the glossed white wood floor to enhance the illusion of space. A black rug forms the centerpiece of the space, with furnishings kept to a minimum.

The bold stone tiles add depth and texture to this bathroom, contrasting the white shower basin and walls. The standalone bath sits as the centerpiece of the room, crowned by a black-framed, wide window which draws the eyes towards the light. An unobtrusive glass shower door ensures that the illusion of space is unaffected, whilst a broad mirror reflects light, making the bathroom appear airy.

Natural, organic tones within the wooden island-bar create a welcoming appeal, whilst the sleek geometric shape created by the bar and wooded section of wall emulate an architectural feel. A marbled slate grey defines the feature wall and picks out some of the counters, whilst subtle cream cupboards and chairs help to create a contrast against the deeper tones.

Tones of pure pearl and soft blue create an ethereal aura, with a backdrop of gold serving as a warming contrast. The striking mirror creates imagery of the sun, which complements the natural lighting in the room. Dark tones of mahogany are used to define the edges of furniture, creating delicately bold contrasts and lines.

Taking walls out of the equation entirely, this open plan room epitomizes spaciousness. White walls reflect the light from broad, uncovered windows, enhancing the illusion space. The sleek brown leather sofa and mottled rug add definition to the room, acting as a central array of bold contrast and geometrical shape. Furniture is used minimally throughout, teamed with well-placed plants to enhance the natural, airy feel of this space.

An assortment of delicate pinks softens the bold contemporary lines of this children's bedroom. From a faint ballet slipper pink throw and peach-tint lamp-shades, to the rose pink bedstead, framed pictures and block-color upper wall, the different tones keep the eye moving around the room. This enhances the chic personality of the bedroom, with the sleek, white-block staircase and rich wood walls creating the contemporary foundations of the room.

With a nod to the traditional, contemporary decor can also incorporate classic styles through a sleek twist. A traditional roll-top free-standing bath with intricate claw feet is ultra-modern in jet black contrasting with white, whilst the chic dappled black mosaic tiles contrast pristine white walls and utilities.

With a sloping ceiling creating clean lines and an illusion of space as the eye is drawn upwards, minimal white walls, unconfined windows and a white, high ceiling contrasting with grey and browns. Accents of red complement deeper shades and warmer tones alike, with an overall array of neutral colors being contrasted by bolder furniture in this bedroom. Use of lines and geometric shapes keep your eyes moving around the room, making it appear more open.

A high ceiling and vast, open space create a bold contemporary appeal in this sitting room, with high windows draped with white voiles to let in a soft glow of natural light. Tones of violet create luxurious definition within the room, with the geometric ceiling panelling contrasting white and the feature wall adorned with a strikingly vivid shade. Furnishings are kept to a minimum, and hints of gold soften the deeper contrasts perfectly.