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10 Tips for The Perfect Winter Home

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have some of the longest (and coldest) winters in the world. 

With that said, Scandinavians are better than almost anyone else at battling through the dark winter months, and they know that the battle starts at home! Take a look at these 10 simple tips that can turn your home into a cosy winter retreat, and help fight back against the winter blues.

In the winter months, natural light is at a premium. Scandinavian homes are designed to make the most of winter sunshine by being built around large windows. If you’re not lucky enough to have an abundance of huge windows in your home, try getting rid of heavy curtains and replacing them with thinner drapes to add freshness and light.

Any space can be quickly warmed up with a few simple additions. Rugs, throws, blankets and cushions are all your friends here. Look for chunky knits or faux fur and get ready to hibernate under them during the winter months.

Bringing a few plants inside is a simple but effective tip. Try hardy perennials, succulents and herbs – juniper, lavender and heather are all household favourites. Not only do these plants add natural perfume to any room, they bring some much-needed greenery indoors.

Monochromes are the staple of Scandinavian interior design. They create a clean space and make the most of sparse sunlight. Most of us think of these colours as cold and clinical, but when whites and greys are teamed with bold, chunky knits and warm throws, any space can become a sleek, yet comfortable, haven.

When fairy lights are used tastefully, they can bring a new dimension to any space. Try draping them around your headboard or hanging them from the ceiling. They give a soft light that begs you to snuggle up under a blanket.

Scandinavian interior design is all about clear lines and simple shapes, and if you’re determined to bring a far north feel into your home, it’s time for a pre-spring clean. Be ruthless and get rid of clutter; it makes a room feel more spacious and there’s something wonderfully comfortable about looking around a clear, crisp room while you’re warm and comfy

Leafless trees can be a bit of a sad sight in midwinter, but you can turn them to your advantage. Get hold of a naked sapling with multiple branches, pop it in a pot of soil and use it as a frame to hang decorations or fairy lights. It can be a real statement piece for any room – your way of taking the bleakness of winter and making it homely.

Black and white prints can be really inexpensive and eye-catching additions. Mount them on white and frame them in black, then lean them on top of dressers or nestle them in book cases. They help preserve the clear lines of your Scandinavian decor and add an air of elegant sophistication.

The perfect space isn’t just about what you see. Burning incense adds a wonderful smoky aroma to a room – try lavender or sandalwood to aid restful sleep too. Or, for a smokeless alternative, try a room diffuser or an aromatherapy vaporiser. These can add some much needed freshness to a stuffy room, especially when you want to keep the windows closed to avoid chilly drafts!

Hygge (pronounced “hooga”) is a Danish concept that’s absolutely key to battling the winter blues. It’s all about appreciating things that bring a bit of peace and joy into your life, whether that’s spending a night in with friends, enjoying a bracing walk or cosying up with loved ones on the sofa. Bring a bit of hygge into your interior design touches this winter, and don’t let the cold weather get you down!