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Health Feb 12, 2020
thumbnail of Good Dental Hygiene Is a Responsible Choice

Good Dental Hygiene Is a Responsible Choice

Ask anyone who has had trouble with their teeth in their later years. All of them will wish that they had practiced better dental hygiene to try to avoid some of the many issues that have plagued their adult life.
Health Sep 21, 2018

What Can Home DNA Testing Show?

With growth and advancements in technology, it is now possible to purchase and conduct DNA testing from the comfort of the home. As everything has its advantages, conducting DNA testing at home in the absence of a genealogist or any other medical consultant has great merits as well.
Health Sep 17, 2018

Are Kegel Exercises Right For You?

The pelvic floor is an important series of muscles and tissues that form a sling at the base of the pelvis. This sling holds many bodily organs in place including the uterus, bladder, small bowel and rectum.