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Décor Mar 12, 2019
banner-1 of Quilts Are Both Beautiful and Warm

Quilts Are Both Beautiful and Warm

If a person wants to enhance the look of their home, and add to the feel of the home, they should consider adding quilts throughout the home. Quilts will look great thrown on the back of the couch or in a chair.
Décor Sep 19, 2018

Popular Embroidery Designs can be Beautiful

In the past few years, the art of embroidery has steadily gained in popularity, whether in terms of decorating a place with an already finished piece or learning to craft and create pieces for yourself. If you already have an interest in embroidery or fiber arts, then you might know some of the more popular types of embroidery designs.
Décor Oct 04, 2017

10 Staples To Decorate Your Home The True Bohemian Way

There’s just something about a truly bohemian home that makes you want to take your shoes off, sit on the floor, and share stories from your journey in life. With lots of clashing colors that still go together, varying textures that add depth and character, and furniture that invites you to make yourself at home, boho decor is not just art, it’s a way of life.
Décor Jul 14, 2017

11 Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Contemporary decor is a style which is inspired by innovation: there are no strict guidelines, only a sense of sleek, bold style which does not conform to traditional decor. Clutter is reduced to make rooms into an open space, and rooms emulate a light and airy feel by using natural light effectively.