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Bathroom Jun 01, 2017

Do I Need to Call a Professional Bath Fitter?

Renovating can be a lot of job-- Sweeten makes it easier to toenail down extent and find the very best general specialists for your shower room renovation. Continue reading for core spending plan essentials and real-life restroom ideas!
Bathroom Jun 01, 2017

Do All Walk In Showers Require Tiling?

Setting up a shower might appear like a relatively straightforward thing to do however if you're intending a bathroom refurb and thinking about changing from a shower over the bath to a walk-in, or considering getting rid of the bathroom and putting in a huge shower, after that there are a couple of indicate consider so I assumed I would certainly provide you a round-up right here.A few of them might appear evident, others much less so-- not the very least due to the fact that the modern technology is changing at all times.
Bathroom Jun 01, 2017

Are Walk In Bathtubs Safe?

Common False impressions about Walk-in Bath tubsThe complying with paragraphs highlight usual misunderstandings about walk-in bath tubs:MISUNDERSTANDING 1Walk-in tubs make the most of bathing comfort & comfort."REALITYThere is an evident-- but remarkably often neglected-- repercussion of entering a bathtub through a door in the sidewall: You cannot prepare the bath tub loaded with warm water before climbing up in, and you can't exit the tub until the water has actually completely drained pipes out.